Welcome to The J-Sub Experiment!

The J-Sub Experiment is a linguistic research endeavor that helps students learn Japanese through movies, anime, video games, and related media.

Academic Subscription Program 2018-2019

We are currently signing up middle school, high schools, colleges, and universities!

For a limited time, we are giving you access to just some of the resources The J-Sub Experiment has to offer.


Japanese Starter Kit

Japanese in a nutshell, an introduction to Japanese, its history and linguistic mechanisms.



Anime Index

Our famous text-based runthroughs of anime episodes and video games.


Final Fantasy X Runthrough

A fast-paced runthrough of the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy X.


Total Kanji Runthough

A video-based runthrough of the Common Use Kanji. Part 1 covers stroke order and meaning. Part 2 covers all important readings through vocabulary.