About Us

About The J-Sub Experiment

The J-Sub Experiment is a very young and flourishing Puerto Rican research endeavor and business.

Our mission is to create easily accessible content that helps English-speakers acquire the skills necessary to watch anime through anime itself and related media.

We are an Experiment

As our posts indicate, we have a lot to learn! We learn from you, from your responses, comments, tags, and the conversations we hold.

We are slowly but surely learning how to explain things about Japanese effectively and also subtle aspects of Japanese linguistics help us create a consistent and simple system for Japanese.

Because we are an experiment, and experiment implies repetition, we will be revisiting material periodically. Our site today will not be our site in two years. Our posts will not be the same either. However, no matter where we are in our journey, we are committed to providing the most truthful and complete product possible.

We are a Business

Business grow and find new media through which to share their products. For us, this means expanding to new online platforms to reach a larger audience. Our goal is for our primary outlet to be YouTube or Twitch, something mainly visual, because anime and its related media are visual.

Expansion and growth always imply costs; and when the funding isn’t there, product slows down drastically. Thus we need your help.
Our business model hinges on two mediums for revenue: advertisements/commercials and patrons. To learn more about this, please visit our Support page. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, promise.

Our Team

As of now, we are very much a one-man show.

Your Factotum (the “do everything” guy) is a trained philosopher and linguist, graduate of Boston College (B.A. magna cum laude).

His research background lies mainly in Greek philosophy and Ancient and Byzantine Greek philology. His secondary fields of interest are the philosophical thought of Richard Wagner and language use in Christian liturgies.

His languages of competency are English, Spanish, Japanese, and French, as well as reading knowledge in Ancient Greek, Byzantine Greek, and German. He holds basic reading competency in Classical Armenian and Latin.

His interest in Japanese stems from his college experience, having learned the science of linguistics and also conventional Japanese-learning methods at the same time. He observed that his fellow students mainly wanted to learn Japanese to read manga or watch anime, but that the lessons were not conducive to that. Thus after graduating, he began formulating a general scheme for a curriculum that would allow one to do that, one based on the way linguists learn languages and achieve competency in a relatively short amount of time. That has led us to The J-Sub Experiment.

As our journey continues, with your support, we will add more dedicated members to our team!

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