We have a very long way to go!

1) YouTube and Twitch

Right now, we’re getting ready to move to begin production for our initial series of YouTube videos. If we begin production in January, we’ll be expecting the series to come out in April in its entirety.

For that we’ll be collaborating with specialists who can help us organize data on screen to make it easily understood.

Once our initial YouTube series launches, this blog will in large part be supplementing the videos. Naturally, we will share all our videos here as well.

We’ll be working on Twitch in December, trying out different formats for different programs that we can then share either publicly on a regular schedule or make it a benefit of patronage, or hopefully both!

2) Sponsor Recruitment

Like most businesses on YouTube, our videos will feature ads. The key difference between us and most other channels, though, is that we will not be using AdSense, which is the core of the YouTube Partners program, since it’s the source of the ads from which they generate revenue.

We, on the other hand, will have local sponsors, some having only their logo present at some point and a small mention and other having a short commercial in the middle of the video. Our sponsors will be Puerto Rican businesses. Our nation is in an economic crisis, and we wish to take advantage of our platform to let the world know about everything Puerto Rico has to offer.

3) Staff expansions

We are still very much a one-man show. We need people to help the Factotum with writing posts, managing social media, and, most importantly, making videos. The more the Factotum can focus on research and writing scripts, the better quality the videos and text posts will be.

Thus we hope to eventually bring in a small team of video editors somewhere near the end of our first year of video production.

For the summer of our second year in production, we hope to have a few seasonal paid internships for people studying linguistics and/or Japanese who can learn about our business and get a taste of what research is like.

4) Anime licensing

We do not intend to make videos featuring anime clips right off the bat. YouTube reserves the right to determine the fate of your videos based on whether it features content belonging to another party.

We are an educational platform; thus we have the right to use others’ intellectual property in limited amounts. However, because of the way YouTube functions, and the varying ways anime production firms handle notifications from YouTube on this matter, we do not intend to risk the integrity of our product by using anime clips without permission.

This means that at one point, when we have a sizable audience and a well-formed identity, we will begin talking to production companies and other owners to gain express permission or to purchase a license and formulate a contract that protects our product from whatever program of firm represents them on YouTube.
As you can imagine, while some companies have representatives in the U.S., others don’t. Depending on what anime we decide to work with in our videos, we will be speaking with people either in the U.S. or Japan. This will be a very challenging endeavor.

5) Apps

We’d love to have a flashcard app that suits the needs of people who will be learning enormous amounts of words. Thus we do not intend to compete directly with Quizlet or Anki, but to have something suited for our specific needs.

This flashcard app would allow for more than 2 sides, so that you can create Kanji-Kana-English flashcards, as well as allow for multicolored tabs, so that you can divide a larger set into various smaller groups. Not only that, but you can tab one flashcard many times.

We will be talking about this soon.

Our secondary app would be a plugin for one’s browser where one can put in a definition of a Kanji and get the Kanji. So, for example, if you see the term 手袋 and you don’t know how to write it in Romaji, you can type “hand bag” into the plug-in and get 手袋. One should also be able to customize it, to add Kanji and toggle the definitions as they see fit. This app is much simpler to create.

In Conclusion

There is a lot to do. This is just a sampling of what our ambitions are, all motivated by the same goal, to get you to learn Japanese and meet your goals in the most entertaining and truthful way possible.

To do this, we do need your support. You can learn about that in our Support page.

And your input is always appreciated. We encourage you to leave us a comment through our ask [page].

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