Please follow us on Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook and all our social media platforms as they come up. Give us a like if you do like something. Shout if you dislike something. This lets us know how to keep you guys happy.

Our Survey

We respect you too much to tell Google to put yet another cookie on your browser just to get information on who you are. Your right to privacy is important to us.

But, if you wouldn’t mind, please answer our anonymous survey telling us a few basic things about yourself.

1) Age
2) Nationality
3) Ethnicity
4) Sex/Gender
5) Current level of Japanese (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, or short description that explains your abilities)
6) Favorite anime
7) Optional: anything you want to tell us.

This is just another way for us to get to know our audience. Your participation is incredibly appreciated.


Mail Us Something!

We do have a PO Box where we are welcome to receiving almost anything. You’d be surprised how uplifting and motivating something in the mail can be.

Our address is:

PO Box 6067
San Juan,
PR 00914-6067

Feel free to send us postcards, letters, books, DVDs, or anything you believe will help us in our endeavors. Once we start receiving materials like books and DVDs, we’ll make a page letting you know what we have received so that you don’t send the very same thing.

The only thing we cannot accept are non-packaged perishables. A loaf of banana bread in plastic wrap, for example, we sadly can’t accept. Safety comes first! We also cannot accept anything NSFW. We’re not that kind of business…

Again, your support is very much appreciated!

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