An Important Announcement About Patreon

Hey everyone,

Happy Saturday. We hope you are all doing very well and enjoying the weekend as much as you can.

As many of you know, we do have a Patreon. As you may not have known, we have yet to gain any Patrons. 

We originally set up the Patreon to charge per Saturday post, meaning weekly, in order to safeguard you from us going AWOL. This ensured that you would not be charged if we did not deliver.

We have now changed our Patreon to a monthly system. Realizing that the level of entry was originally $4 a month and that that is quite high, now it is only $1 a month.

The benefits for our first two tiers have remained the same. And we have added a third tier.

We really do not like talking about money due to the sensitivity of the subject, but it is important due to how revenue will affect the pace and the quality of our work.

We guarantee that you will get service and benefits equal to your support. You not only help this project continue, but you will gain other fun and valuable resources for an insanely low cost.

Thank you.