The J-Sub Experiment Patron Program Masterpost

We’re currently running a small campaign to raise $120 in pledges to our Patron Program for a new Internet contract/connection and some recording equipment.

We wanted to share with you all what our Patron program consists of. We provide weekly benefits at low-cost, monthly charges. There is no better deal when it comes to studying Japanese.

Please visit our Patreon Page to see our latest benefits.

For $1 and $2 Patrons

The perk of the $1 Patrons is that they get to see everything well in advance, essentially whenever something is finished and not when it is scheduled for general release. We will be uploading the DJSUs at about 7 at a time. So you will get to see everything about a week before it released.

$2 Patrons also gain access to our newsletter, which we fill with all the dirty details of our production process and we tel you about our future projects before everyone else!

For $3 Patrons and Higher


Linguistic Perspective: Genki (Lesson 5)

Our Linguistics Perspective posts were so popular that we’ve decided to create it into a full series. We have made it a series exclusive to our Patrons. Our first book series will be Genki, so if you are currently in a classroom learning from Genki, I highly recommend you check this out.

This is a weekly series.

For $5 Patrons or Higher


Final Fantasy X Japanese Runthrough (Part 4)

For you video game fans, we are doing a runthrough of Final Fantasy X. It is not a comprehensive parsing of the entire script, but we talk about everything you need to know so that you can manage playing the game by yourself.

This is a weekly series.

For $7 Patrons and Higher

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail, Episode 1 Runthrough Part 3

We have started our Patron-exclusive runthrough of episode 1 of Fairy Tail. This runthrough is just like our other runthroughs, but they cover more material per upload session.

This is a bimonthly series.

For $10 Patrons

You receive eternal glory by being thanked in our posts and videos, and you also get the chance to have our conjectures, conundrums, theories, and tricks named after you.

And note, if and when we do publish, those are the names we will be using (it’s considered bad form to name something new after yourself.)

We Honor Monthly Installments Through Paypal

If you do not want to sign up on Patreon, you can always make your contributions through Paypal- and with that e-mail we will send you everything you’re paying for. We have no problem with that!

And that’s that. Keep in mind that we are working towards a goal of $120 by the end of this month and we are at $17/$120.