Lingua Logic, our parent company, is proud to announce that we will be offering an intensive Japanese summer course this year.

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We will be using the high-tech facilities of Nova Southeastern University – Puerto Rico Campus, located in the Professional Offices Park in San Juan. Parking is available.

Time & Dates:

The same course is being offered in two groups. Classes meets Monday through Friday, from 9am to 4pm for a total of 120 hours.

  • Group A: June 4th to June 29th
  • Group B: July 9th to August 3rd


Material Covered:

  • 400 Kanji
  • 700 Vocabulary Words
  • Spirited Away script (in-part)
  • Textbooks Genki I & Genki II
  • Supplementary video games and conversation workshops



Students who get passing marks (above 70%) in their final exam, quizzes, and in-class recitations will receive their Fundamentals of Japanese certificate, proving their knowledge of basic Kanji and vocabulary, as well as an ability to parse Japanese sentences with references at a moderate pace.

Students interested in acquiring a Japanese Philologist, Level 5 can speak with Mr. Jay S. Chin to discuss the increased workload.



$1,125 (plus tax, financing options available)

This includes tuition, textbooks, examinations, and certification.

If you have any other questions, please message us at or call us at 787-307-4354.

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